Caucasus Studies includes a range of area courses with a focus on the Caucasus region. All courses are offered exclusively online with instruction in English. There are no mandatory seminars or lectures on campus. Courses are offered by Malmö University.

Caucasus Studies I,  IM112E

Caucasus studies I (1-30 higher education credits, full time) includes the following four course modules (each 7,5 higher educaton credits):

Introduction to Caucasus Studies History of the Caucasus
A language of the Caucasus: Georgian or Chechen (current offer) Post-Soviet developments in the Caucasus

Caucasus Studies II  IM113E

Caucasus studies II (31-60 higher education credits) is offered in the fall of 2011.  You will find the syllabus and application details here. Course modules:

Peoples and languages of the Caucasus The Caucasus Region: Causes and consequences of migration
State and Nation Building in the Caucasus Conflicts and conflict resolution in the Caucasus

Post-Soviet Caucasus: Politics, Civil Society, Economy, IM231E

Post-Soviet Caucasus: Politics, Civil Society, Economy, IM231E 1-15 credits

The Caucasus Region: Past and Present, IM230E

The Caucasus Region: Past and Present, 15 credits